Weddings & Destinations is a wedding, honeymoon and travel blog created by Lei Lydle who has been a pioneer in the online wedding community. Lei’s experience has garnered her national attention as both an entrepreneur and a wedding industry expert. Click here to learn more about Lei's media coverage and appearances.

Lei founded one of the first boutique local wedding sites in 1998, before Google! That site, AtlantaBridal, was a guide to Atlanta weddings from a bride's perspective. Although small in comparison to the large national corporate sites, AtlantaBridal has maintained leadership in its local market and continues to thrive in an over saturated market of wedding web sites and blogs.

Weddings & Destinations was created because Lei enjoyed finding and learning about wedding venues, services and destinations outside of the Atlanta area. Since AtlantaBridal is so focused on that area, Lei decided to just start writing about things that may be of interest to a broader audience.

The goal of Weddings & Destinations is to pass on information organically through interesting and informative articles without all of the distracting pop-ups and advertisements that clutter other web sites, blogs and applications - aren't those annoying?? Lei thinks so!